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CCTV Monitoring

Installing CCTV monitoring can make a tremendous difference to your business. Instead of having to deal with security problems after they have happened, you can prevent those problems happening. The result is fewer insurance claims, losses are reduced and greater management time can be devoted to the real task of building a successful business.

We can set up a professional CCTV monitoring system to suit your needs. By linking the system into a professional 24 hour monitoring station, your overall security costs can be reduced as the need for mobile or permanent security patrols is decreased.

Unlike manned guarding, CCTV monitoring services cannot be threatened and never falls asleep. False alarms can be avoided, which leads to greater security and peace of mind.

There is no risk of alarms being ignored on a deserted industrial estate or night-time site – by using a remote monitoring service, there is always someone watching, and able to call for help immediately a problem occurs. Such calls for help receive a priority response from the police.

All types of location can be covered including construction sites, factories, schools and small businesses. We can provide customised solutions to suit every building and every budget. By installing a professional CCTV monitoring service with complete BS8418 compliance, you can reduce your overall security costs.

CCTV monitoring linked to remote monitoring stations offers a perfect solution for security conscious business. Crime prevention becomes the priority saving you time and money.

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