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Fire Maintenance & Repairs

Our Fire Alarm Maintenance is done to the highest quality standard. BS5839 part 1, 2008. Our fully qualified surveyors will attend your premises and design a professionally made maintenance package.We have fully qualified engineers who will attend your business and carry out a professional and quality service

A correctly designed and working fire alarm system will give enough warning to save lives and hopefully allow fire fighters enough time to limit property damage. Periodic testing, backed up by regular user checks will ensure that the system is always protecting people and property. Fire Alarm Maintenance is very important to maintain the integrity of the system.

Over time, smoke detectors become less sensitive, standby batteries in control panels become weak and general faults can develop. The sensitivity of detectors on a poorly maintained or neglected fire alarm system may result in the system not going into alarm condition should a fire develop, that could be deadly. Regular checks are an essential part of fire alarm system maintenance. Fire Alarm Maintenance is a requirement for a local authority fire certificate.