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Intruder Alarms

Over 600,000 people are burgled every year – but many of these could have been prevented if an intruder alarm had been fitted. It can be extremely frightening to discover your home has been invaded and cherished possessions taken, which is why it is important to fit alarms.

Burglars do not like noise or anything that might draw attention to themselves. Setting off an alarm is immediately a worry – they never know just how long it will be before someone comes to investigate. Even the hint that an intruder alarm has been fitted can be enough to make burglars seek an easier target.

Choosing an alarm system needs care and attention which is where we can help. With years of experience at our fingertips, we can advise on the best type of alarm to suit your property whether it is a private house, or a business. Large or small – we can find the ideal solution.

There are alarm systems to suit every budget, whether it is a simple ‘bells only’ alarm or a fully monitored alarm system. You can even get a highly sophisticated security system which can monitor temperatures, check for smoke and detect floods, as well as detecting intruders.

Monitored alarms offer 24 hour protection using 24 hour alarm centres. No alarm is ever ignored – there is a response every time an alarm is triggered. This gives you total security. Any signs that you are away from home or empty business premises can arouse the interest of a would be intruder – but the presence of careful, continuous monitoring makes sure that no damage is ever caused.

We are specialists and know how to help. All you have to do is call us and we will give you all the advice you need to choose an ideal alarm system.